What is the Talking Stick Council?

The Talking Stick Council is a group of people that together create a voice for change.

The Talking Stick is used in many cultures. In Africa its called “passing the speech” the person holding the stick has the floor and is able to speak from their wisdom and heart to others and to the world. In the process of restorative justice, both sides of a grievance get together to work out a solution, forgive one another, make amends and whatever else is needed so that peace and order are re-established in a village.

A World Feast is developing a team of strong leaders and communicators to bring First Nation issues and solutions to the forefront rather than remain an inconvenient truth.  This Talking Stick will visit the halls of Congress, media and mainstream America to create the necessary attention for our indigenous people.  All levels of society will have an opportunity to come together to make change happen.

Dan Dusek The Talking Stick Council

Dan Dusek – Program Director/The Talking Stick

We are bringing together people that know and understand the issues and grievances of cultures devastated by the impact of greed.  When we found Dan, it was clear he was the man to help design and implement The Talking Stick Program.  He brings decades of experience in the film and media industry, strength and passion to our cause and wisdom to guide it in good directions.  As we develop a team of representatives their voices will be heard both in person and through a documentary planned for production 2015.

This council is a compilation of wisdom keepers, warriors and educators.  Together, with the support of people like yourself, greed can begin to lose the hold it has on this planet.  It’s time.

Founder/President-Genocide Watch

As Dr Stanton addresses in this video the Global Peace Leadership Forum, you can witness his wisdom and passion for the global community.

Research Professor at George Mason University in “Genocide Studies and Prevention at the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution.” Greg worked for the State Department, drafted the United Nations Security Council Resolutions, is a Genocide Scholar, and an expert on the Cambodian Genocide. He hold degrees from Yale Law,

Harvard Divinity School, and has a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology.

He is a descendant of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Greg is a man of wisdom, courage, and true medicine. A combination of powerful human and humble spirit.