A Good Life

The absence of hunger, the presence of hope. The ability to dream and challenge yourself. Knowing the leaders around you are strong. Opportunities to help your family and community. Courage in the face of fear.

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Living together as a nation of people requires honor and respect, with the ability to see both the best and worst of things.  From that great chanage can come.


The Good Life Program

Areas of concern vary within each community.  Here are some of the issues we address together and endeavor to find viable solutions for.

  • Economic growth and upward mobility in community opportunities.
  • Creating and support of valuable programs for the community.
  • Food Deserts.  Creating ways to establish Farmers Markets and/or ease of accessibility to wholesome foods.
  • Educational opportunities beyond k-12 including job skills programs and mentoring.
  • Business planning for successful Tribal ventures.
  • Youth development programs.
  • Training of staff for ongoing support of programs, including grant writing, fundraising etc.
  • Developing sustainability programs to ensure ongoing success.

It is reasonable to realize the need is great and that A World Feast can only do our part.  We greatly value the communities we have the honor of working with and hold in high regard the support for this program through our funding sources.  We hope you will help support our work and we look  forward to sharing our adventures with you.

Our Team and what we know for sure.

A team of committed individuals both Native and non-Native working together with communities for the greater good of their people, determined by they themselves and you have The Good Life Program.  The days of forcing change on Native people is gone.  It is time now to strengthen them as a whole and support the renewal of the cultures and indigenous people.  They themselves know the needs of their people, it is our job to listen and hear as we help create avenues for them to reach full potential.

Their Team and how they lead the way.

Native community leaders, and organizations help design strategic developmental plans that together with  A World Feast, that we both  work towards implementing.  Within each community is the awareness of the peoples strengths and weakness.  As they define the communities needs,  the picture begins to take form. There is no substitute for strong relationships being built between Native and non-Native organizations in the development of pathways to success.

Going forward.

Respect for the potential positive impact of building a bridge and opening avenues for growth, is critical and is held in the highest regard by all project developers.  It is from this respect the compassion and right direction is born to strengthen the direction of the program.  Generations before us have been the teachers of greed and lack of respect.  This generation and those yet to come are the teachers of balance and change.

Stepping out of the box.

One of the hardest things associated with change is believing it can happen.  There comes a point where pushing through the barriers can present difficulties.  These challenges are met by both teams and strategy created to move through them.  Stepping out of the framework of how it used to be and into new possibilities brings not only exciting new experiences, but new challenges as well.  A World Feast is aware of this part of the process and through identifying strategies to maneuver through this, helps going forward become a reality.

Providing the knowledge for youth to begin to do life.

It is the job of all Elders, both Native and non-Native to provide the knowledge necessary for youth on the reservations to grow in their world and live a good life.  Youth programs are implemented and funding found to help the journey of  Native youth and provide important and enriching opportunities.  It has been said and is true, that Native youth need to learn to walk in two worlds to create a good existence.  The world of their people and culture and the world of mainstream society.  Providing pathways for growth and learning is critical to ensure strong youth become the next strong leaders.