The Board

Lynne Marie Cheney

CFO-Director Fund Development
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lynne has experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Her work in the for-profit world, includes working for a software company in the Pacific Northwest, which honed her ability to write, research, problem solve and organize aspects of very large events within a team framework. including film producing and televised events. She is well-traveled globally, having worked as a food and travel writer in Paris for 3 years. Her work in the non-profit sector includes grant writing, fundraising, and co-planning events. Her degree from the University of New Mexico Magna Cum Laude, in History and Cultural Anthropology refined her critical thinking skills, research and ability to interpret information from the past with relevance for today. She is able to see both sides of an issue, think strategically, and distill a complex situation down to the essentials then take action. She cares deeply about the well-being of others and of the planet and knows that now is the time to act. If not now, when?

Val Peppinger A World Feast e1359995272104 231x295 The Board

Valerie Peppinger

Executive Director/President
Arlington, Washington

Val has spent 30+ years of her life working as a life coach globally,  helping people from all walks of life find a clear path to wholeness.  In her work she understands deeply what is necessary in order for society and the world to be whole  and brings that set of strengths and values into our projects. Her business skills come from having managed large projects on both the West Coast and Alaska, in addition to managing multiple Seattle area building product lines and warehouse inventories.   Her insights and abilities to create and co-create concepts and ideas, website development and project management,  have helped A World Feast  become a dynamic organization. She is a sought after Natural Horsemanship  horse trainer,  with more than enough “horse sense” to keep us all heading in the same direction together. Passionate about righting the wrongs in humanity, Val is devoted to making  her life work about making positive change on the planet, one step, one circumstance, one person at a time.

Ike 325x295 The Board

Vernon “Ike” Schmidt

Vice President Board of Directors
Mission, South Dakota

Ike has served the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in various capacities throughout his career.  Having been Tribal Vice President for a 10 year period, serving as Director for Title and Land Management and currently working for Sinte Gleska University in Mission, South Dakota, he has become a strong voice for his people.  Under his guidance and determination, we have been able to forge strong connections among the communities.

Ike has such enthusiasm for the youth and community needs that he inspires everyone around him to care more, work harder and become all that you can be in life.  His attitude is always about overcoming obstacles and nothing deters him when it is for the betterment of the people.  We can not say enough wonderful things about Ike, what he brings to A World Feast is very real and positive!

Rosebud Sioux Tribe Centerpiece 325x240 The Board

Robert Long

Rosebud Community Council President
Board of Directors-Advisor

Robert is a tremendous liaison for our work in Rosebud.  His close connections with the Community and Tribal Council ensures the co-collaboration is working smoothly.  Not only does Robert represent the Community, he is highly involved with the business structures in Rosebud along with growth and development in so many areas.  A stellar individual, Robert brings and keeps the peoples interests front and center for his community.

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Don Chalmers

President SparrowHawk Consulting Company Inc.
Board of Directors – Advisor

Don has extensive experience working with Tribes on cultural and economic issues on a national, regional and local level.  He  values Native American culture and traditions and the sovereignty of Tribal Nations.  SparrowHawk actively seeks opportunities to assist Tribes achieve self-sufficiency and provide for future generations.    We are honored and excited to work with Don on our projects!   Not only did Don live on the Rosebud Reservation for many years, he has developed many relationships through various projects he has facilitated for the Tribe.

 The Board

Linda Gromko MD

Board of Directors -Advisor

Linda is a Northwest physician, voted in the Top Doctors 2011-2012 Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.  Not only does Linda bring her expertise on issues such as diabetes, but she is an advocate in her own life for health and well being.  Linda is an author of three books currently available, Let Me Go When the Banter Stops, Arranging Your Life When Dialysis Comes Home and Complications: A Doctor’s Love Story.  Linda has first hand experience with losing someone to renal failure a common complication of Diabetes.  Having lost the love of her life to this condition, her passion to educate others is clear.  We are blessed and grateful for Linda’s participation with A World Feast and look forward to helping change lives with her!

john1 268x325 The Board

John Sarantos

Board of Directors Advisor

One of the World’s pre-eminent Native American flute instructors, John Sarantos has facilitated weekend and week-long contemporary Native American flute workshops from coast-to-coast for over 18 years. His introductory, intermediate, advanced and master classes have been available from New York City’s prestigious Open Center, national cultural gatherings, intimate flute circles and one-on-one private lessons. For 13 years, he has facilitated with Ken Light and R. Carlos Nakai at the Renaissance of the Native American Flute workshop in Montana. In 2006 & 2008 he was a main presenter and performer at the International Native American Flute Association convention. John has performed live in venues large and small; including New York City’s Carnegie Hall.