The next pipe carrier Mission Statement


A World Feast seeks to establish a multi- level working plan to help restore balance to cultures, communities and nations, through education and community action.   Our focus on addressing the rebuilding process  is designed to create avenues for the people within these communities, to come together and strengthen as a whole.

With proper resources, healing can happen.  Restoring often devastating impacts made on these people, their cultures and communities, is the right thing to do.  Strengthening the relationships among all people, is the only insurance we have to protect our planet and the people living on it.


Through acknowledging the impact atrocities on the planet to cultures, countries and people, we can begin to witness change.  True change will not happen unless we can accept and understand how we got here.  Struggling cultures need relief, but they also need to rebuild their strength as a united people.  A World Feast  envisions a world where all people are welcome at the global table as equals. It is our intention and vision to work for a more just and equitable world by coming together as a positive resource to help develop the voices and life experiences of those communities and individuals who are struggling.