In March of 2014, the area of Oso, Washington was devastated by a massive mudslide.

 It is the largest one is US history.

The mudslide took out the Steelhead Haven area and decimated the homes, land and habitat covering approximately one square mile.

The slide took 43 lives. Rescue efforts saved 8 people.

The last victim was recovered on July 22nd.  The community did not stop until all 43 victims came home.

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The surrounding community of Darrington was greatly impacted as a result of the landslide.  It was very hard hit as it was cut off from the main route to jobs, medical services, shopping and everything it took to function in this beautiful foothill community for months.  Many were left with and additional 2 hour commute and had to leave the area to continue working.  Others could not afford the expensive commute and what it brought into their lives.

Darrington came together and the focus was on rescue and recovery and restoring the road to some sense of normal.  The Hometown Heros were leaders that worked at a relentless pace as the community stood behind them supporting them along the way.  Every piece of heavy equipment available showed up in the rebuilding of the road and every man, woman and child was touched by the efforts of these people.

Darrington Renewal Project

Executive Director of A World Feast, Valerie Peppinger lives in the Darrington area and had the experience firsthand. Together with Lynne Cheney-Co Founder of A World Feast they decided to focus the organization in this area to do what they could to help.

As this disaster continued take a toll on the community, Darrington Renewal Project was born. A World Feast embraced the community to help in positive, compassionate and creative ways.

It would be months before the slide area was open again to what was a main trek for tourists on their way over the Cascade Mountains.  But they did return.  It was now the town’s turn to recover.  Assistance in all forms surrounded Darrington.  A World Feast felt it would be a great time to celebrate life.  There were so many survivors at many different levels of experience.  The one they all had in common is that they are alive.  That would  be something sacred to celebrate.

Rock the Park-Dance for Life Concert

And they danced together as the amazing community that they are to The Fabulous Kingpins.

All ages, families, survivors.  In some way we hope for one evening it got bigger in a good way, than the mudslide. The Fabulous Kinpins trekked from Idaho to put on a concert that we are still smiling about!  We will bring them back next year and again, celebrate life.

The last song of the night- says it all.  If you watch it to the end, you will feel what Hometown Strong feels like.




Whitehorse Farmers Market


Sustainable Community Farm Program


Whitehorse Farmers Market

The beautiful foothills setting with a magical backdrop frames the Whitehorse Farmers Market.  Fresh organic produce, cheeses, breads and amazing local products will be offered to the community and tourists.  In addition, we are working with the City Council for adjoining use of a park for a vendor area offering the talents of Washington crafters and artisans.

The market will not only serve the community creating a fabulous hub, it will generate a portion of proceeds that can go back into the community and help it grow.  We are very excited about this project and can see the “full circle” effect it has the potential to launch.

Sustainable Community Farm Program

Every farmers market needs good suppliers.  We will be working with local growers, potential growers and outside resources to develop a strong self supporting food secure community.  This concept not only ensures our own well being, but gives the opportunity for many to be part of something wonderful.

Employment and business opportunities are all part of the growth process in this program.  The potential for this to become a model program for our future work is strong.  Plans are currently underway to grow the project and work in various communities to help them become more self sustaining.