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This generation of children, are the next generations leaders.

Of all things considered, to secure the future generations and cultural survival, children are of the utmost importance.

Here is a list from the ground up of the team effort to date:

~Install a completely new septic system and drain field.

~Build a beautiful cedar loft 38’Wx17’D with new windows, carpeting and an awesome stairway and landing!

~Installed 6 new windows and security grates for them which for the first time brought in natural light.  There were no windows at all prior to the addition.

~Completely renovated restrooms complete with wheelchair access.  This was  a much needed addition!

~Installed new flooring and carpeting throughout the facility.

~Addition of a Pellet Stove in the main area for additional heat in cold South Dakota winters.

~New electrical and lighting.

~Complete remodel of kitchen and upgrade appliances.

~Install four industrial security doors.

~Install basketball court, high school regulation dimensions and hoops.

~Construction of a Bouldering Cave under the loft area.

~Construction of a Tall Wall Climbing wall in the main room.

~Fencing around the court area.

~Outdoor bleachers for event seating.

~28-Passenger bus to help with transportation for the youth.


The renovation of the Rosebud Boys and Girls Club is almost complete for phase one.  A World Feast has been working  very hard in 2013-2014  creating a space we feel will help the community bring the youth some positive and life changing opportunities and programs.  We are currently constructing a climbing wall and bouldering cave that should be completed by February 2014, utilizing and maximizing our floor and WALL space!

Special Thanks Goes To 

A very special thank you to the amazing crews we have the honor of working with.  This project could not have happened without you and your dedication to the youth of Rosebud!  We can not say enough good things about these people – Wopila Tanka!

Lynne Cheney – A World Feast

Frederica Thompson – THE BUS

Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation

South Dakota Fund of the South Dakota Community Foundation

Tyler Antoine – T.J.A. Contractors

Young Colombe-Antelope General Contracting

Rosebud Building Supply



Dion Reynolds-Glen Marshall-Tori Whipple of Boys and Girls Club of Rosebud

Childhood should be surrounded by experiences that will leave positive memories.  These are the children, the memory of their childhood can still be determined.

 We Could Always Use Help!

A World Feast is supported by the Rosebud Tribe to raise funds for tribal projects through A World Feast. The youth are vital to the future.  Join us and donate to this project, your help is greatly appreciated and valued by both A World Feast and the Rosebud youth.

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