Self-Governance Empowering First Nations


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The Time is Now

With potential conflict in Syria looming, I am drawn within to think about the workings of the world we all inhabit. Since human life has been upon the earth, there has been greed and misuse. Watching Ken Burn’s documentary on the National Parks is a reminder of the conquering attitude that goes with exploitation […]

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Saving vrs. Respecting Mother Earth

The relationship between a child and a Mother is one of dependency, trust, nurturing and respecting the guidance the Mother provides.  We have lost this in our communication about our Mother Earth and therefore, we have missed the point about saving the planet or respecting and following the wisdom She has to offer us. […]

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One Day, One Life

Peering out of the window above his bed, he saw that the temperature was 18 degrees. The good news was, it hadn’t snowed. Sam hopped out of bed, it was dark and cold, he could see his breath in the air. He rushed to find his clothes, dressing quickly in the dark, hoping to […]

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The lesson of greed.

One of the hardest things to embrace is the fact that greed can prevent the healing our nation and well being of Mother Earth.  We all know greed as a desire based human condition that has the power to destroy and deplete our natural resources on the planet, but we also need to consider […]

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Festival of the People Cameroon, February 9, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Cameroon,

This letter comes to you from your A World Feast United States family. We are filled with heartfelt excitement as you experience the very first Festival of the People 2013. We are happy to be able to help sponsor this event. Holding festivals like this one is part […]

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Welcome to our new site

It has been a long road getting to the point where we want to plant our feet in this work.  We have landed, are excited and ready to make some changes happen.  Thank all of you for being here with us and supporting this work, without you we could not do this.  As time […]

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It’s a new year

No matter how many times we have an inaugural, each time a new President takes his or her place at the helm of the United States, I am always hopeful because this signals a chance for a new beginning and an opportunity to make changes in our nation that are needed.

The new year is […]

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Lessons from Pe’Sla-Acknowledge What Has Happened

One of the hardest things for most of us to do is to admit our fault when we’ve caused harm to another. Some how having to look that deeply and directly into our own selves is something most of us avoid. Perhaps because it shatters our view of who we are and so we […]

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Learning To Cry As A Nation

Who decides how much suffering is enough or what the cost of rebuilding will be. When is it time to determine which legacy of our fore fathers we choose to honor?  Defining a great nation involves more than economic power, global strength, or the ability to cast war upon another nation and its people.

There […]

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