A World Feast – The Good Life Program – is changing lives.

Our work has taken us to South Dakota working with the Rosebud Reservation and to Darrington, Washington working with a community hard hit by the 2014 mudslide.  Rebuilding and assisting in communities is our goal.  Our dedication to this work has taken us on a clear straight path that led us to create The Good Life Program.  We believe it is the right of all people to live a good life.  We also realize the challenges along the way to creating that in many communities.  Moving through those challenges is the only way to get to the other side.  Our Team is devoted to this work at all levels.

Defining the need.

Our work deals with “living statistics”, the people themselves.  The numbers can be dire in many communities, but the people we have worked with are some of the strongest individuals you could ever hope to encounter.  It is those strengths we focus on when our team comes together and works hand in hand with communities in want of growth and change.  We look for the leaders in each community to define the needs of the people.  Those same leaders and committed community members become the other half of the team.  It is up to the community what change is most beneficial. They alone define the course of change.

The Process.

The project team of A World Feast and the community representatives we work with,  come together in a lengthy planning process to map out strategy and goal setting that  makes the changes happen.  This planning is led by the community leaders team and ideas, concepts and programs are determined for each location based on their unique needs.

Typical modeling can include additions to the available resources within each area, including building and construction of  community centers, creating amazing spaces for youth activities, bolstering economic potentials and evaluating community participation levels for success.

There is nothing more valuable than a good road map.  Along with that road map, is a plan of protecting the investment for the long term.  We want these projects to be held in good standing so we also work on training a core group to learn to seek and write grants and program development for future growth.

Once the goals are clearly defined, the work begins in earnest.  Grant writing, planning and development, contracting, and sponsorships all need to get activated.  As it begins to evolve the excitement builds.  It takes time, but it’s time well spent.

The Outcome.

One of the most impactful things said to us from an elder of the Rosebud was “My people have lost the ability to dream.”  We have never forgotten this.  We have seen a renewal of hope as our projects take off, the dreams that have been afraid to be seen come forward and take shape.  That is invaluable and we cannot gauge the impact as a result.

Projects help with economic growth, upward mobility and ultimately create a resiliant and cohesive supportive structure for success.   What we do know, by interrupting greed and the damage done by it both long ago and as it continues today, future generations will have a much stronger chance to change the statistics.